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Blacktop Sealing
in Findlay, Ohio

Pick Clean-Line Blacktop Sealing & Striping for Quality Blacktop Sealing

For the best quality blacktop sealing services, count on Clean-Line Blacktop Sealing & Striping Co. in Findlay, Ohio. Have you seen cracks in your blacktop surfaces recently? Are you dealing with drainage problems on your property? Do you have potholes or even discoloration on the surface? Those are signs you need sealing done. Trust our team for exceptional blacktop sealing work at an affordable price. No one wants to see any deterioration in their blacktop surfaces. The look, feel, and safety of those surfaces can create trouble for everyone down the road. We use the best quality products so your blacktops can look like new again. Do you want that new blacktop look on your surfaces again? Give us a call today at (419) 422-9093 for an appointment and a free quote for your blacktop project needs.

Offering Findlay, Ohio Property Owners Gator-Patch for their Blacktops

Gator-Patch is an exceptional ready to use blend of asphalt emulsion, mineral fillers, glass fiber, ground rubber and plasticizer. It helps improve the durability for parking lots, driveways, playgrounds, walkways, running tracks, tennis courts, and more. This is a great for alligator cracked areas. It can also be used to fill shallow depressions or to fill cracks more than ½ inch wide on asphalt surfaces. This superior option will keep your blacktop surface looking good as new.

Taking Care of More than Your Blacktop Sealing Needs in Findlay, Ohio

Do you own a business? Does your home’s asphalt look like it is falling apart? What about your parking lot? The team at Clean-Line Blacktop Sealing & Striping Co. provide the best asphalt and repair services. We offer quality asphalt repair and maintenance, commercial asphalt crack filling, blacktop sealing, parking lot, industrial, epoxy restriping, and residential services. Are you dealing with potholes? We offer pothole and structural asphalt repairs. Contact our experts today for a consultation and a free quote for your blacktop needs.

Choose Clean-Line Blacktop Sealing & Striping Co. in Findlay, Ohio, when you want superior asphalt repair and maintenance.