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Pothole Repairs
in Findlay, Ohio

Count On Clean-Line Blacktop for Filling in Your Pothole Problems

For the most exceptional pothole repairs in Findlay, Ohio, and the area, count on the team at Clean-Line Blacktop Sealing & Striping Co. Are you noticing divots in your driveway or on your roads? Do you have cars constantly getting stuck in those holes on your blacktop? What about damage to your car or your neighbors’ vehicles? You may be dealing with pothole issues on your driveway and even your neighborhood streets. Our team knows how frustrating those issues are. We offer the best quality pothole repairs in the area at an exceptional price. When you are ready to tackle your pothole problems, reach out to us. Call us today at (419) 422-9093 to schedule a consultation and for a free quote.

Protecting Vehicles from Potholes for all of Findlay, Ohio’s Residents

Having your car damaged by a pothole is not fun, and that is true for Findlay, Ohio, residents. The same goes with damage to your personal health. Dealing with potentially serious repairs can lead to expensive bills in the future. Our team can put together temporary and permanent solutions for any pothole.

The kind of project we do will depend on the weather. Temporary fixes are completed with a cold mix that fills the hole after cleaning out debris. We tamp down the asphalt and let it sit for three weeks. The difference with permanent repairs is that the temperature must be well above freezing for at least two days. That is when we use a hot mix to fix the problem.

Helping You with More than Your Pothole Repair Needs

The experts at Clean-Line Blacktop Sealing & Striping Co. offer the best quality asphalt and repair services. Does your asphalt look like it is falling apart? Do you need your asphalt cracks filled in? We offer exceptional asphalt repair and maintenance, blacktop sealing, and commercial asphalt crack filling. We also offer exceptional epoxy striping, residential services, and structural asphalt repairs. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment and for a free quote for your quality epoxy striping needs.

Trust Clean-Line Blacktop Sealing & Striping Co. for the most exceptional pothole repairs in Findlay, Ohio.