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Commercial and Residential Asphalt
in Lima, Ohio

Trust Clean-Line Blacktop for Commercial and Residential Asphalt Needs

For commercial and residential asphalt work in Lima, Ohio, count on Clean-Line Blacktop Sealing & Striping Co. Are you a business owner? Do you own your home? Are you noticing your asphalt or concrete deteriorating? Have cars suffered damage on your property? Has anyone been hurt in an accident on your surfaces? Do not wait another day. Trust our team to handle whatever life throws at you in Lima, Ohio. No one wants damage to their car or suffer a personal injury while doing everyday tasks. Trust our team for exceptional work at an outstanding price. Call us today to schedule a consultation at (419) 422-9093 today and for a free estimate on your project.

Treating a Variety of Blacktop and Concrete Surface Needs in Lima, Ohio

We offer quality blacktop services for all of Lima, Ohio’s residents. We know that potholes, cracks, and general aging are things that no one wants showing up on their blacktop surfaces. Our team knows how to make them look brand-new. That helps to ensure Lima, Ohio, residents and business owners are always putting the best foot forward. Whether you need sealing, patchwork, or anything in between, trust us for quality work.

Exceptional Repair Options for All Lima, Ohio, Residents and Businesses

Rely on our superb sealcoating products for your blacktop surfaces in Lima, Ohio. They are led by the Advanced Formula J-16 pavement sealer. It mixes to form a rigid, slate-black barrier that can stand up to the weather. It is polymer-fortified for superior wear resistance and bonding. The geotextile fibers allow greater flexibility. Its linear strength is improved, and fine cracks are better filled, and no additives are needed.

Keep your driveway from falling apart with our Lastek 33 Rubberized Liquid Crack Filler. This is a durable, high-performance, rubberized asphalt sealer. This is perfect for filling cracks up to ½-inch wide on any asphalt or concrete surfaces. It dries to a black, rubber-hard consistency. It maintains a water-resistant surface prior to the pavement sealer being applied. Contact us today when you want to learn more about our superior products and services.

Choose Clean-Line Blacktop Sealing & Striping Co. for commercial and residential asphalt in Lima, Ohio.